A night at Richmond.NET

I gave a talk on the User Interface Process block last night at the Richmond (VA) .NET User Group last night. What a great group!! Thanks much to Mike Richardson and Greg Robinson and the rest of the folks down there for having me down! Had a standing room only crowd in a big room (maybe 80+ people?). Very good crowd, considering Richmond is not that big of a town. Heck we only get about half that many on a regular basis at CapArea.net, the DC area group that I help run with Scott Lock, Alec Minor, and Hal Hayes. Maybe we need to get some advice from Mike on how he is marketing his meetings.

I think it went pretty well, although I was shaking off the adrenaline at the beginning of the talk of thinking I was not going to make it in time. Thought I was being pretty conservative allowing 4 hours for the 100 miles from DC to Richmond, but not so. Only made it with 10 minutes to spare, 3 hours of the trip being spent on the first 50 miles. DC traffic is just… well, you do the math.