My .NET Rocks! Show is online

That moment of trepidation is past. My .NET Rocks! interview is live, and I think it came out pretty well. Checked it out this morning, and at least there was nothing where I was horrified by the way I answered or came across in the end product.

There were of course a number of things that I felt I could have explained better, most of which I thought of 5 minutes after we were done taping, but that is standard for any live unscripted thing like .NET Rocks! In fact, I think that is one of the things I enjoy about .NET Rocks! as a listener, is the fact that it is unscripted, so the conversatioon can take many unexpected turns.

The one “duh, stupid” that I thought of right after the discussion was the question on remoting and had I been looking at what was new there in Whidbey… you would think the Indigo workshop I attended in Redmond a few months ago would have jogged my memoryas to what the remoting story is in Whidbey… it’s called Inidigo, and its not part of Whidbey. They are not going to invest any time enhancing or modifying a remote communications protocol that will be subsumed by Indigo a year or so later. Oh, well, those thinking on my feet marks go down a little on that one.

Anyway, it was a cool experience to get on the show, especially since it is getting so big and well known. Thanks to Carl for having me on, and I’ll enjoy listening to Carl and Rory on all the future shows.

Carl: Great idea on the live show this Friday, but make sure to tape it still for us offline listeners!