Spoke at MAVBUG

Tonight I spoke at a small users group in Millersville Maryland, the Maryland VB and Access User Group (MAVBUG). This was a bit of an odd one because:

1) I didn’t know about the group or that I was going to speak at it until less than 48 hours prior (I was again pinch hitting on short notice, this timeto help outa speaker who had a travel conflict out of his control).

2) This group was not a .NET Users Group and had not even heard of INETA (Gasp!). I made a good sales pitch, so hopefully they will join.

3) The fun part: Due to a group lead who was incommunicado until I showed up at the meeting, I had no idea what topic I was going to talk on until 5 mintues before the meething.

Luckily I had 5-6 talks ready to go that I havegiven to other .NET User Groups through INETA, and the group lead was glad to be able to pick one of several. But it was still a bit of a challenge to mentally prep in 5 minutes for a talk I hadn’t given in over 6 months. Then to add to the scramble, the group lead expressed grave concern about presenting the code in C# to a bunch of VB guys who really are not focusing on .NET at all yet (Yeah, I harped on the train leaving the station a little bit there too).

So in addition to trying to review the slides quickly, I also had to quickly convert 7 demo projects from C# to VB.NET. Thank god for an awesome little VS.NET Add-in by Jon Rauschenberger that was once on the MSDN site but seems to have disappeared.

The talk actually went very well, especially given the circumstances. But they also picked one of my favorite topics, .NET Data Access, so it was basically an easy day for me to give an intro level talk on ADO.NET.

As always, I enjoyed the opportunity to get out and talk about .NET, meet developers with different experiences and concerns and learn from what they are focusing on. I am still amazed how many developers and companies are doing zero .NET and still in the mode of trying to decide when they will start to take a look at it. How do we get the message out there any better about how much better life with .NET is?