Don't try this at home - ways to kill a Friday afternoon

Well, it was worth a shot…

I thought to myself, “gee, I’m spending a lot of time working with Whidbey, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to fire up a VM every time I want to try something out in Whidbey?”. Encouraged by some posts by some apparently more lucky people than I who claim to have successfully installed VS.NET Whidbey and VS.NET 2003 on the same machine, I decided to give it a try.

So now I am spending the afternoon trying to get my tablet back to a stable .NET 1.1 development platform.

Oh well, what did I expect. Its an alpha that says it is not compatible for side by side installation with 2003. Maybe when Beta 1 comes out. For now VMWare is my friend. Maybe Virtual PC 2004 will become my friend if it performs better than the Connectix version.