Oops I did it again... Service != SOA

While reflecting on yesterday’s post on SOA, I realized I fell into the same old trap again that many are guilty of – blurring the distinction between Services and SOA. Most of what I was talking about in that post was really comparing Services to components or objects, not comparing SOA to component oriented or object oriented development. SOA is really about how you design and build systems composed of services, not about what a service is. I have fell into this trap a number of times, because talking about SOA inevitably leads to first defining what a service is and how it relates to components and objects, which is basically where my post left off. SOA is a much bigger beast, and I have to agree with Sam’s post that it does lead to different methodologies at the high level architecture and design level. But at some point in that process, you have to build a service or services, and at that point you generally start to step right back into the comfortable world of component and object based development.